Work-Life What?

When we have to ‘work at’ something, instead of simply living in the experience of it, when it’s something that reigns in our spontaneity, confines us in a framework – we call it work. And when something sweeps us in its ‘flow’ and provides the space for self-expression and self-expansion, we call it life. So: how can we make ‘work’ more like whatever we call ‘life?’

The Pandemic of Webinars: A Modern Dystopia

I don’t remember the last time I looked at my LinkedIn feed and did NOT see a poster with the photos of 3 experts and 1 moderator, who were honored and humbled by the opportunity to discuss the future of something. The pandemic of webinars is upon us and how!

We Need To Talk About Therapy

The idea of control had been built into me so firmly, so systemically, that I didn’t once question it. We assume that it is easy to be in control, that we all do it all the time, that we should take charge, that it’s weak not to.

Are you “practical?”

When I was a kid, I was the most carefree person with little to no self awareness. And yet, I remember thinking, at barely eleven or twelve – I wish I were good at something that could turn into a career. My hobbies, passions even, just couldn’t translate into any of the jobs that I was familiar with.

The Unholy 8-Letter Word: Feedback

What if we are all living in this Black Mirror-like environment mentally assigning favourability ratings to each other based on each of our direct interactions and the social information (read: gossip) that we accumulate through the whirr of conversations during a typical workday?


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